Not For Use In Laser Printers


Wax Wrapper blanks should only be used in inkjet printers. Laser printers and digital presses of any style using heat fused dry toner or a heated blanket of ink (HP Indigo) should be avoided.

I’ve tested printing using a color laser printer with several short run jobs and they look very nice. However, in longer print runs the elements inside the laser printer get very hot. Hot enough to activate the sealing wax! If there should happen to be a misfeed you will end up with this type of situation:

You can see one of the Dungeon Synth Cards wrappers had misfed and fused to the hot rear roller. I was able to fish out the bits through the three holes over the course of a whole day but afterwards the printer no longer prints nicely on any type of paper despite deep cleaning procedures and new toner cartridges. There are uncured flecks of toner scattered in one area along the entire sheet which can be flaked off by rubbing. Essentially this printer “works” but is useless.

Long story short, use a high quality inkjet for printing your wax wrappers in the home and office environment. If you can find them, the “ink tank” style are very economical for ink usage compared to the cartridge style or laser toner refills. Inkjets are slower than a laser but they don’t heat up and activate the wax as they use liquid inks instead of a heat fused toner or inks.

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