Printing Your Wax Wrappers


These wax wrappers generally print easily in a common top feed desktop inkjet printer with a straight paper path. Inkjet prints will be heat & waterproof (depending upon ink type used in your printer).


We can no longer recommend use of the DIY wrappers in color laser printers. You can read more about why HERE .


  • Most particularly with the square cut blanks you must find the grain of the paper for the best feeding and printing. Pick up some wrappers and fan them on two sides (top and left or right and bottom). you’ll feel that one side will have a bit more tension as you fan them than the other. Feed them  into the printer with the firmer edge feeding first.
  • Leave the 8 outer black trim lines from the template on your wrapper layout so you’ll know where to trim to final size.
  • Print, trim and fold your design on regular printer paper as a test before printing on your wrappers.
  • Print only on the non-waxy side of the wrappers.
  • In some printers the wrapper may make a crinkling sound as it feeds through the printer. Unless your printer jams it’s just the sound this unique type of paper stock makes and is nothing to worry about.
  • Use your printers Fine or High Quality print setting. The better your printer, the better your prints.
  • Depending upon the ink your printer uses the print may be dry immediately after printing or it may need a moment before you can touch the printed area. Test by touching the outer trim lines.

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