1000 Custom Wax Pack Wrappers (COATED)


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Classic wax pack trading card wrappers for sport cards, non-sport cards, collectible card games, sticker sets and artist cards. These wraps are coated over the artwork and can be opened and resealed with no damage. Making your wrappers just as collectible as your cards!

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  • Semi-Transparent Paper
  • Wax Coating Over The artwork
  • Self-Sealing With Heat¬† (approximately 150*F)
  • Fits up to 16 Standard Size (2.5 inch x 3.5 inch) Trading Cards
  • Illustrated Folding & Sealing Instruction Sheet is Included


  • Test Print To Ensure Fit
  • Digitally Printed, Cut, Waxed, And Ready To Pack With Your Cards
  • Illustrated Folding & Sealing Instruction Sheet is Included


  • 1 Design Per Order Quantity
  • Print Ready Artwork
  • Does Not Include Layout & Design Services Download The Wax Pack Template Here
  • File Types Accepted:¬† JPG, PNG, PSD & TIF
  • Estimated 1 – 2 Week Turn Around Time From Artwork Receipt to Shipping
  • Original Artwork Only


You will need a temperature adjustable clothing iron, hobby sealing iron, or wood pen with our Wax Pack Sealer Tip to seal your wax wrappers in the traditional heat sealed manner shown on the instruction sheet and in our Youtube videos.

These custom printed wraps seal at a lower temperature compared to the blanks we sell for home printing and must be held closed for a few seconds after sealing so the flaps cool together.

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