25 Blank Wax Pack Wrappers (LEGAL SIZE)


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Blank wax pack trading card wrapper paper for use in inkjet printers (not for use in laser printers). You’ll need to print and trim them yourself. We suggest using the Template we’ve created to make sure you design and cut them correctly.


  • Thick Semi-Transparent Paper
  • Heavy Wax Coating Inside – Print On Matte Side Only
  • Self-Sealing With Heat  (approximately 250*F)
  • Untrimmed Sheet Size: 8.5 inch x  14 inch  (Can Fit 2 Standard Size Wraps)
  • Fits 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch Standard Size Trading Cards Or Your Custom Product


  • Blank Unprinted / Untrimmed Wax Pack Wrapper Sheets
  • Illustrated Folding & Sealing Instruction Sheet


You will need a temperature adjustable clothing iron, hobby sealing iron, or wood pen with our Wax Pack Sealer Tip to seal your wax wrappers in the traditional heat sealed manner shown on the instruction sheet and in our Youtube videos.

These blank wraps seal at a higher temperature compared to the custom wax coated wraps we sell and do not need to be held closed after heating.

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